Oct. 30, 2017

Oct. 16, 2017
Native of Washington State, Born in the small town of Ellensburg, Washington. Elizabeth begin singing at an early age in her hometown where she grew up in Yakima, Washington in her church, with her sister's called the Voices of Holiness under the director of their song leader K. L. Williams. Elizabeth's Mother, Mary Francis Marshall Williams, played the Piano at the Church they attended and fostered Elizabeth's love for singing and poetry.

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At an early age, Elizabeth was diagnosed with Acute Thyroid Disease, which caused her to lose her voice. So she quit singing and found a career in healthcare for the elderly while she continued to write poetry in her spare time. Though she wouldn't leave music for long. After graduating from the University of Phoenix, the lord blessed her once more with the use of her voice after winning her battle with Thyroid Disease. While her newly rediscovered voice was left hoarse and strained, she never stopped singing the praises of her lord and began releasing music on her own in 2012.

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" My King Jesus"

Fast forward to 2017, after years of hard work, dedication, and praise to the father on high, Elizabeth has miraculously topped the gospel radio charts, garnering over 2,900 spins in just a month of February alone! This achievement has been recognized by the Akademia in Las Angeles, California, and have nominated Elizabeth September 2015 Rising Artist Award!

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Best of luck to Lady Elizabeth and her team.

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Oct. 30, 2017

On Oct 26, 2017 5:52 PM, "The Akademia Radio Division"
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> Dear Lady Elizabeth Townsend,
> Nearly everyone likes surprises and that includes us. Yesterday, we received a big one.  Quite unexpectedly, Power XR Radio Network recently collated the monthly chart data from the past few months and forwarded the results to us.
> We are pleased to inform you that your song ‘My King Jesus’ hit the #1 position on the Christian / Gospel charts and held that position for an impressive period of time in the month of January 2017! Chart position was established by number of spins, listener requests and station tune-ins. This accomplishment is a tribute to your talent, hard work and perseverance. We are certain that this is only the beginning of your success.
> Power XR’s charts are maintained for the benefit of artists, record labels and related industry professionals.

Congratulations on your outstanding achievement on radio. Through your
dedication and hard work, you are building a musical legacy that will
become a key component of your success. We are pleased and privileged
to be a part of your musical journey.

Kind regards,

The Akademia Team

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