MAY 8, 2017 Welcome! to our Lifetime Beyond Excellence Recipient. According to the bible in Romans 13:7 which plainly states give honor, to whom honor is due we want to recognize these gifts and talents in music, videos, word, film,short sermons, television,entertainment. 5 categories R&B,COUNTRY,GOSPEL,TURKISH,VIDEOS/OTHER. I'm Lady Elizabeth Townsend Heir to the King and his Kingdom and we are judging according as God, has chosen you not me. When we pray and listen to the spirit that is what we do. I'm a singer/songwriter,three-time author on with novels in over 300 countries worldwide. Director, of the Lady Elizabeth online business and ministry. see more on our website. For our selection process is totally what we hear according to the will of our Father that is how you became listed as one of Heaven's Lifetime Beyond Excellence Recipient. It is truly the greatest honor when the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords gives you a nod. Your placement is free and your music, videos, ministry exhortations, messages will be played on one of our 4 channel free of charge for a Lifetime Beyond Excellence Recipient. Many will have to register their music and videos, film clicks,short sermons, because we are going according to the spirit of God. Anyone can submit to be listed and we will pray over every selection place on the list. There is a $5.00 non-refundable registration fee for those that have not been automatically selected. Only 500 slots available worldwide 500 per each category. We will not accept any unsolicited materials,vulgar, elicit,profanity. You are free to recommend and pay the registration fee up to 3 individuals, send there music or videos, sermons, film clicks ect. for the Lifetime Beyond Excellence List as long as you understand that there is no guarantee they will make the list. Once again it is not me that has chosen it is God, and we are going according to what we hear in the spirit. THE UNITED STATES, HAS DOMINATED THE WORLD'S ENTERTAINMENT MARKETS FOR CENTURIES, BUT THERE IS ANOTHER FORCE IN THE EARTH THAT IS FLAWLESS IN MUSIC, FILM ,VIDEOS, PRODUCERS AND WRITERS. THAT IS OUR TURKISH BROTHERs AND SISTERS, THOUGH IT IS TURKISH WE HAVE BEEN WATCHING AND LISTENING FOR 6 MONTHS AND IN PRAYER ASK GOD, HOW IS IT THAT I CAN WATCH AND UNDERSTAND THESE PEOPLE WITHOUT ANY INTERPRETATIONS, GOD "SAID THE SPIRIT UNDERSTANDS ALL THINGS AND CAN JUDGE ACCORDINGLY". IT DOES HOWEVER REQUIRE A GREAT DEAL OF TIME AND DISCIPLINE IN PRAY TO HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT IS SAYING. You might be surprise to know some of the names on this list and you may not agree but, than you are not God, who knows all things discerning all thing and the intents of the heart. Those you think would not make the list has made it. See our website for the list of current recipients. All individuals are now being recognized for their greatest to the world that has impacted lives in the earth. These world changers have offered their gifts on the world's largest platforms and have touched lives in all over the world. We're looking and accepting all genres of music, videos,preaching, words of exhortations, if it relates to music gifts and talents those Artist, Musicians, Preaching, Writer's, producers of music for film and television. If you think your gift or talent is Beyond Excellence and has changed lives and impacted the world, make your videos or music known to us on YouTube. Lady Elizabeth Townsend. See our Website Http:// Email: I'M THE DIRECTOR LADY ELIZABETH TOWNSEND HEIR TO THE KING AND HIS KINGDOM. Three-time author on with novels in over 300 countries worldwide. The true autobiography of Lady Elizabeth Townsend MY KING JESUS AND CD I FIND NO FAULT IN MY KING JESUS. IF YOU HAVE BEEN AUTOMATICALLY SELECTED AND ARE ON THE LIST YOU NEED NOT REGISTER. YOU MADE THE WORLD'S LIFETIME BEYOND EXCELLENCE LIST OF ALL TIME. IF You're NOT ON THE LIST, THERE IS A $5.00 NON-REFUNDABLE REGISTRATION FEE FOR A WORLD LIFETIME SLOT AS A LIFETIME BEYOND EXCELLENCE ENTERTAINMENT LIST.send your message/music/videos/Copyright Music B.M.I Licensing Company. If you are downloading this song or music be sure you respect the music copyright laws to prevent the artist from suing you over copyright infringement laws. Copyright©2017 All Rights Reserved. ®